exotics and emerging markets

Exotics and Emerging Market Currencies

The majority of IMEX's business involves the major/convertible currencies such as the Euro, the Yen and the Pound Sterling etc. However, over the years, a growing number of clients have turned to IMEX for its expertise in the exchange of exotic currencies and those of the emerging market countries. These may be the currencies of the less industrialized countries, or those that are not traded with the regularity or volume of the major currencies.

Organizations needing to trade in these currencies are frequently faced with several problems. First the choice of resources is limited. This is because there are significantly fewer daily trades done in these currencies and it begins to explain how the banking industry usually makes higher margins on them. Secondly, a smaller volume of trading means fewer sources are proficient in the details that need to be constantly addressed to assure transactions are completed successfully. Lastly, funds are frequently late in their delivery, misplaced, or lost all together. It is a classic example of the client being offered less while being charged more for his trouble.

If this may have represented a problem for you in the past, it now offers you a new opportunity. IMEX has been serving the "exotic" currency needs of firms, churches and nonprofit organizations since its inception in 1989. We know the importance of security in a transaction, competitive exchange rates and the absolute necessity of reliable timely deliveries. It's an area in which we have developed an expertise and confidence in.

The countries and currencies that IMEX works with are as varied as the world of international trade. Below are a few examples of the kind of savings available through an association with IMEX. We invite you to review them, as well as visit the rest of our site. We look forward to hearing from you, and addressing any questions or issues you would like to discuss.