How does IMEX differ from banks and other currency sources?

Foreign exchange is the banking industry's most profitable area. When a customer calls their bank to do a currency transaction, the trader they speak with is representing the interests of the bank. His job is to make money on that trade for the bank.

IMEX on the other hand, places our clients at the top of the priority ladder. We are your FX professionals, protecting your interests on each trade to ensure you always receive the most competitive exchange rate.

What types of companies can benefit from The IMEX Advantage?

Any company with a need for exchanging one currency for another is likely to benefit by working with IMEX. Clients include importers, exporters and various internationally active organizations.

Do IMEX clients use forward contracts?

The majority of IMEX clients trade on a spot basis. However, many of our clients do choose to protect themselves from rate fluctuation exposure through the use of forward contracts. In fact, any trading mechanism in use in the FX marketplace is available to our clients.

How will I know if IMEX can save my company money?

We encourage firms to consider a timely comparison of the exchange rates they are quoted by their banks to the rates they can secure through IMEX. This can be done easily and quickly and without any cost or obligation. The numbers speak for themselves.

Do IMEX clients have to terminate any of their current banking relationships to work with IMEX?

Absolutely not. There isn't any reason why an IMEX client would have to conclude any existing banking relationship. Banks serve other needed functions for a business. However, when it comes to maximizing a company's profits in their currency transactions, banks simply can not compare to IMEX for service, personalized attention and bottom line profits.

Does IMEX work with all currencies?

In addition to all of the world's freely convertible currencies, IMEX is experienced and fully capable of processing transactions involving currencies of many emerging nations. No matter what the currency we're working with may be, clients are always assured of the most competitive rates and a safe, reliable delivery.

How large or small are the transactions that IMEX conducts for its clients?

IMEX processes FX transactions from as little as $30,000 tens of millions of dollars. On average though, trades range in the area of $100,000 to $500,000.

Does IMEX bundle or combine client transactions - in order to obtain the interbank rates it secures for its clients?

No. Bundling introduces delay into clients' transactions and exposes their trades to market fluctuations. In foreign exchange management, the key is to minimize exposure, not invite it.

IMEX handles each customer's trade individually. Clients receive the current interbank exchange rate, whenever they have a trade to do. Their international business is conducted in the most professional way, without the risks and inconveniences introduced by bundling.

Does IMEX offer other services of value to internationally active companies?

Yes, although IMEX is known foremost as an independent outsource of foreign exchange expertise, our capabilities in international business are by no means limited to issues concerning currency management. IMEX offers professional insight through a variety of consulting services ranging from trade finance to letters of credit.