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If you ever imagined how an in-house FX department would function in your own firm, the first benefit would have to do with the accessibility of information. Think about it, whenever you needed to know where a currency was trading, or how the market might be responding to this morning's current events - all you'd have to do is walk down the hall, stick your head into the FX office door and ask your question.

The old adage about information being power is never truer than when considered in the context of exchanging currencies. The foreign exchange market is a worldwide living entity, open 24 hours a day with exchange rates updating moment to moment. No one has a crystal ball that can predict the future, but knowing what's going on RIGHT NOW is about as important as it gets. Current information is imperative, because it gives the currency trader the chance to use his expertise - without it he's blind.

IMEX professionals work with you closely, giving you as much information as you're comfortable with, so that you can make the most informed decisions given your particular set of circumstances. When you want to know where your currency of interest is trading, what market factors may be influencing it and the different exchange mechanisms available to you were as close as your phone.


Considering the breadth and depth of business being conducted internationally every day, and the countless payments generated requiring an exchange of currencies, it isn't difficult to imagine that some transactions are being handled better than others. After all foreign exchange is like every other competitive market, where saving money is akin to making it. The question is simply how this is to be accomplished.

Working with IMEX professionals gives our clients access to competitiveness, competency and security. They realize a new advantage in the ability of having their currency transactions handled well, and the benefits they find are measurable and real.


Let's face it, international trade always involves the possibilities of unexpected factors presenting themselves without warning and without immediate explanation. When faced with a "situation" nothing's better than having someone on your side, who is willing step up and contribute. IMEX never considers the job is done with the issuance of a confirmation. As your FX Department, regardless of whether you're calling about a past trade or one coming up today, tomorrow or next week, we're always ready to discuss what's going on, how we can help and how we can make things better.